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Healthy is the new Sexy!

LoveRaw Organic Bars are premium quality and we use a high percentage of superfoods per bar, so you feel the health benefits.

The Science

When you heat food above 46°C you lose at least 30% of the NUTRIENTS and 100% of the NATURAL ENZYMES. Cooking food can change the molecular structure creating toxins and FREE RADICALS.

WE BELIEVE in LIVING, UNPROCESSED, ORGANIC FOOD! You should eat food as close as possible to its NATURAL STATE. At LoveRaw we SLOW DRY at 38°C, keeping food at its OPTIMAL NUTRITIONAL value. Organic RAW FOOD is the most NUTRITIONALLY DENSE, its the best way to get your VITAMINS, MINERALS and goodness. Which in turn gives you more ENERGY, BETTER FOCUS and OVERALL HEALTH.

Raw food also ALKALISES the body, which is very important for us. Our body requires 80% ALKALINE and 20% acidic FOOD BALANCE. Alkaline foods give you ENERGY, REVERSE DISEASE, and keeps us LOOKING YOUNGER.


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