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Social Responsibility

We believe that all companies should conduct their business with ethical and environmentally friendly principles and with equal consideration of others.

Modern and innovative

Everything we do has its foundation in the here and now and is relevant to modern lifestyles, perspectives and interactions.

For the future

We understand that with the hefty pace of change our society experiences, we need to create a sustainable business for the future. Sustainability is really key.

We want to work with those companies that understand our values and the products we represent. In our peripheral...
We are always very pleased when people find an interest in the brands we carry. We have a purchasing...
Distributas distribute products to a variety of outlets depending on brand. Please see our map for a geographical representation...

In a time with pollution, climate change, increasing health issues and lifestyle illnesses we want to make a difference.

We do this by offering products we feel contribute to a positive development in society.

We offer smart and innovative alternatives to mainstream existing product assortments. We do this while being absolutely convinced that we can all contribute to create a better world, no matter the size or starting point.

Join us in our quest!

Join us in our quest!

When you register your business with us you will get access to our full product catalog and can order your products directly in a secure and efficient way.

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